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Krista Kube, MA, CRC

Krista Kube is a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Michigan Center for Skin Care Research. She began as a Research Assistant when we were known as Midwest Cutaneous Research in 1998 eventually leaving in 2002 to work at Pfizer as a Project Assistant. After having tried the Pharmaceutical end, however, she realized it was not as rewarding. She later then returned to become a Clinical Research Coordinator in 2008 and has been here ever since.

She attended Ross Medical Institute and obtained her Medical Assistant Certificate in 1995. In the meantime, she took additional college courses at Macomb Community College.

In clinical research, it is being able to watch the development of new drugs and being a part of the team that Krista loves most. However, discovering new treatments for patients that may provide a cure or even any sort of relief to improve their quality of life is what makes her work most rewarding.

Current Studies

Upcoming Studies

  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis
  • Prurigo Nodularis